eCommerce Email Automation

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eCommerce Email Automation Automation is perhaps the biggest tool used in email marketing. A variety of opportunities can be obtained through automation emails. Just by utilizing three types of automa [...]

The Art of the Follow-Up

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The Art of the Follow-Up Emails are now the most-used method of communication between brands and their customers. Follow-up emails to clients and consumers needs to be an integral part of your busines [...]

SEO 101: On-Page Factors

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  Our (made-up but totally relevant) example of an eCommerce site optimizing their SEO using these steps is Socks and Bows Haberdashery Co: The page title and why you need one: Each page should b [...]

Popup Shop 101: The Basics

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The Basics of Running a Popup (approx. reading time: 10 minutes) Popup is a trend that is sticking around in the eCommerce world, as shown by the emerging number from brands large and small, you may f [...]