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eCommerce Services

Designed to support business


We will work with your team to decide on the design aesthetic of your brand as well as the softwares used to run your new site.

Below are areas that we will focus on:

  • eCommerce website setup and installation
  • Discuss and finalize the design (theme or custom) and layout of website
  • Ensure the design will work on desktop, tablet and mobile phones
  • Discuss the product catalog including copy, photography, and visual layout for the website
  • Review available software options that will be needed for operations and marketing
  • Setup conversion features to collect customer info and promote more sales
  • Setup automated marketing processes (coupons, list building, abandoned cart emails, etc…)
  • On-page SEO and keyword analysis that are best practices for Google
  • Payment process setup with additional purchasing options (ApplePay, AmazonPay, etc…)
  • Fulfillment process and flexible shipping/inventory options
  • *Connect physical retail store’s inventory and sales directly with the website (most of the time)


We love software automation! Let us help you connect your existing software in order to make your business operate more efficiently. We can connect systems like POS software, CRMs, shipping, fulfillment, and inventory management software.


Current Commerce will work with your team to organize and optimize your collection of products so that it can be easily marketed on your site as well as other sales channels such as Google and Amazon.

Below are areas that we will focus on:

  • Product categories, sub-categories and collections
  • Product titles, description, variations, etc…
  • Product catalog sitemap and taxonomies
  • Product photography standardization (lookbook vs catalog)


Current Commerce will work with your team to review your current sales channels and look for areas of improvement as well as new opportunities

Below are areas that we will focus on:

  • Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest
  • Marketplaces like Amazon & others
  • Product listing ads on Google, Bing & others


Current Commerce will research your industry and product market to determine best ways of brand exposure and customer acquisition.  We want you to be found both online and as a physical store (if applicable).

Below are areas that we will focus on:

  • Keyword Research (currently indexed, organic, paid and competitor’s  targeted keywords)
  • On-page SEO best practices for eCommerce
  • Local business listings + review acquisition
  • Email Marketing (abandoned cart + newsletter + promotions)
  • Product lifestyle  photography and videography
  • Influencer and retailer collaboration


Current Commerce will create useful tracking and reporting standards for your team. We will help you understand where your traffic comes from and which channels and products are making the most sales.

Below are areas that we will focus on:

  • eCommerce conversion goals and sales tracking
  • Multi-channel sales and reporting process
  • Tracking and reporting setup for current and upcoming marketing campaigns
  • Training and documentation for management team


Current Commerce will review options for providing your team with ongoing support.

Below are areas that we will focus on:

  • Store, catalog and  website management
  • Software integrations and process setup
  • Social media marketing support
  • Selecting proper sales channels and distribution map


“We help design, implement, and manage an eCommerce infrastructure to streamline your operations and increase sales.”