Manage and Streamline Your B2B Transactions

Set your retail accounts up with customized pricing and quoting tools that allows them to place order when they are ready.  Enable your partners to submit purchase orders, create invoices and track shipments through a dedicated account page.   Don’t let lose or delay an opportunity due to the inefficiencies of traditional piles of paperwork.

Make it Easy for Your Retailers and Dealers

Extend your digital capabilities to dealers, distributors and wholesale supplier partners. Offer a simple to use and intuitive B2B wholesale eCommerce ordering dashboard designed to help your accounts to select and order the right products, parts and accessories with ease.

Support Your Sales Reps

Give your reps the features they need to cultivate reorders and total account value.   Track new opportunities, quotes and customer accounts through a single view.

Market Your Products Like a Retailer

Make it easy for new buyers to browse your inventory and make impulse decisions like a consumer would. Which would you rather buy from – A paper catalog that has small, single images and requires 2-4 weeks to process the paperwork and check inventory before finally receiving your product – Or, search through a digital catalog from you phone, tablet or desktop and have all of the zoom-able images and specs at your fingertips (not to mention you can purchase it right then and there)?

Re-Market to Your Current Partners

No more expensive and time consuming mailers with large paper-bound catalogs, that only have a few new items. Send out emails directly to your account with new items, excess inventory sales, and other promotions to get them to purchase on-demand.  Not to mention you can track the accounts that open the email, which is useful for your sales reps, because they can check up on those who never looked at or received the new digital catalog.


 Highlighted Business-to-Business (B2B) Ecommerce Features
B2B Ecommerce Experience
B2B Shopping Cart Accept Multiple Forms of Payment (Credit Card, PO, etc)
Calculate Accurate Taxes and Shipping Manage Unlimited Products
Offer Coupons and Promotions Pricing Contracts and Special Pricing Levels
Filter and Sort Products Product Info, Specs and other Resources
Address Book Import and Export Order and Customer Data
Bulk/Quick Order by Item Numbers Re-Order
Inventory Management Back Office (Accounting, ERP, EDI, Shipping) Integration
Customer Relationship Management
Capture and Route Sales Leads View Account Order and Item History
Track New Opportunities Sales Order Entry
Quoting Sales Force Automation
Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing and Automatic Re-Order Reminders
Ad Tracking Built in Analytics
Customer Service
Service Case Management Trouble Tickets and Service Requests
Returns Management Knowledge Base

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