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Interview with Tracy Nicole Clothing


We would like to introduce you to Tracy Nicole.  Tracy is a mother, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and designer.  Tracy Nicole Clothing was founded back in 2011 in Buckhead, Georgia and has not looked back since.  TNC created by Tracy Nicole was created with one word in mind, SIMPLE.  When you wear something by TNC you aren’t just wearing another outfit but an experience.  We had the pleasure to be able to have Tracy answer some questions about TNC and Simple, we know you will fall in love with her brand just as we did!

How did you come up with your own branding and new line Simple?

 It all started with a dream and I woke up with a clear vision that I allowed to guide me.  Often times we hide behind make-up or flashy things or even look to other people for our happiness.  Life has taken me on an unexpected journey where I have had to learn from my experiences good and bad, learn how to let people in, and learn how to be transparent.  This journey has taught me that life is easier when its SIMPLE…

 Simple by Tracy is an extension of Tracy Nicole Clothing and was created to provide women with more than just something to wear but with an experience.  I wanted to create a collection where everything is just SIMPLE and comfortable, yet sexy and interchangeable.  Every piece can be worn in any season and is perfect for work, play and travel.  The very thing every woman wants.  Keeping it SIMPLE and easy.  Every style comes in three SIMPLE colors, Black (elegance, power and strength), Grey (timeless, cool and balanced) and Taupe (neutral, warm and relaxing).  The focus should be on loving ourselves and being the best version of ourselves possible.  Meant to evolve with you, this collection was inspired by love.  Every order includes a personal Affirmation.

 This collection represents me evolving and growing as a designer.

 Have you always wanted to create your own apparel line?

 Yes, I always aspired to be a fashion designer since elementary school playing the board game of LIFE!  I just didn’t get the confidence or believe I could do it until I was much older.

 Was TNC always the goal or did it start as something else?

 TNC was always the goal.  I started with a boutique after attending fashion school.  The branding for Tracy Nicole started years before the clothing line was born.

 What was the most difficult aspect(s) to building TNC and Simple and how did you get through those obstacles?

 I would say the most difficult time was being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the very beginning of the first collection being launched.  I learned that there is ALWAYS going to be obstacles when you are on a great path.  I also learned you can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you respond.  I chose to stay positive and focused on all the things I wanted to achieve while I was recovering and it just gave me the fuel and even more confidence to push through and make it happen.

I would also say that unfortunately you cannot share your vision with everyone because some people will put their doubts and fears on you and can really hurt the process, so I learned to move in silence and stay focused on the vision.

 What do you like most about the process of building TNC and Simple?

 I can actually say I wake up every day living my dream!  With TNC I experienced a ton of recognition through twelve complete collections.  It always feels good to get recognized for the things you create and accomplish.  It’s the process that I enjoy the most.  With Simple I have experienced what it feels like to evolve and be sure of my ideas.  I had a dream that turned into a vision and came to fruition in a matter of months.  I did not tell anyone about Simple, I just let the vision guide me, created the plan with my team and launched a new collection.  (I’m still amazed by this process!)

I love that I make my own rules, create my own lane, and I don’t follow what anyone is doing.  I don’t put unnecessary pressure on myself to meet deadlines or stay on a designer schedule.  I choose to continue enjoying what I do so that it doesn’t feel like a job.  I absolutely love the process!

 Where do you see TNC going in the future?

 I see TNC growing to a global status and expanding the brand to include other products.  I really believe the sky is the limit.  As I continue to evolve so with the line.

 Are there any individuals or companies that you want to give a “shout out” to which either inspired or helped you through the process?

 I have the most amazing friends and clients turned friends who have supported from day one.  I won’t list names but they know exactly who they are.  I have friends who show up to every event just to support, who have volunteered their time to help me meet deadlines with stores, who have extended their talents free of charge because they knew I had no budget.  The list goes on but I would not be here without their support.  I have clients who I don’t even know supporting and promoting my brand simply because they love it and believe in it.  I have to give a shout out to my business partner, who not only makes my life easier, but inspires me and pushes me to be better!  I can’t do this without him!  The TNC team has been truly amazing.  I have had some of the best employees and interns anyone could ask for.  I always tell them they work with me not for me!  There are a few companies that I would love to shout out:

Myong Akins: This lady has been an angel.  She is a seamstress that has helped me from day one with my patterns, samples, fabric sourcing and all of my manufacturing needs.  She played a huge role in helping me get my line off the ground.  I have since moved on to using a much larger manufacturer in LA, but she still helps me with custom orders and design samples.  I love her!

 Tara Brown Designs: Tara not only worked for clothes when I had no budget but she created the most amazing promotional materials, campaigns, flyers, invites, post cards, line sheets, and everything in between.  She would pull ideas from my head perfectly.  Still a part of my team and I can’t begin to express my gratitude for how hard she goes for me and my brand.

 Affirm: This company created the personal Affirmations with every SIMPLE order.  This is a new company that sells t-shirts with life affirmations.  I am grateful for the SIMPLE extension they created just for me.

Current Commerce:  This company designed my TNC website and did an amazing job!  My website is the core of my business and it has to be right.  I loved how easy they made the process of being able to navigate the website and tailoring it to fit the needs of my brand.  I am forever grateful for the work put in to build the TNC website.

Tracy Nicole Clothing is a brand which emulates hard work, passion and care.  Tracy is a woman who had a dream since elementary school and made it a reality.  The sky is the limit for TNC and we are excited to see what will come next!  We encourage you to visit her website to browse through her amazing designs and read her first novel Who said Peaches were Perfect?  


Website: https://tracynicoleclothing.com

Instagram: @tracynicoleclothing




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