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eCommerce Managed Services

The Missing Pieces to Running a Better eCommerce Business

Website Management

When your business depends on the Web, we make sure you can depend on your site
All Website Management is not created equal. We provide 100% management of the #1 CMS platform & eCommerce software on the web built on top rated servers for speed, uptime, and security.


Website Design Support

A Dedicated Web Design Team to fulfill unlimited HTML/CSS Design Tweaks
Unlimited access to our web design team for updates and product catalog additions to your site. Never struggle with image sizing, mobile design issues, form field changes, and other design tweaks again!


Email Integration & Automation

Automated & Personalized Emails to Segmented Customer Lists
Management of the automated email responses and inbound customer workflow to automatically segment customers in your email list database by purchases made, forms filled out, and other website activity.


Product Listing Managment

Multi-Channel Marketing Automated & Optimized
Streamline and improve your product marketing efforts by directly feeding your eCommerce store products and details to Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Bing Shopping Engines.


Promotion Management

Maximize your promotions across all channels
Online or Offline, running time sensitive promotions is the #1 driver of purchases. Current Commerce manages content creation, content distribution, Ad budget, promo code redemption & reporting.


Web Marketing Reports

We manage the data and build the custom reports so you can prove the ROI.
Our Marketing Data Analysts can help you configure your site and build custom reports to showcase the actionable analytics you need to run your business and prove ROI.


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