Earlier this month, we set out to test our platform, expertise, and coffee intake to launch not just a website, but an actual online retail business in 3 days. The purpose of the project was to share the best practices we have gained from working with our clients over the years in launching an online retail brand. It wasn’t to see how quick we can setup a website, but to actually build a brand from scratch and set it up on a┬átechnical and operational infrastructure to support the business as it grows….and how to do it in 3 days.

Retailers and wholesalers can often be reluctant to take the leap when it comes to transitioning a lot of their sales and marketing processes to the web. We hope this ebook sheds some light on the necessary steps and choices that need to be made along the way, making it easier to take that first step.


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  • Foundational Digital Marketing
  • eCommerce Web Design Strategies
  • Content Marketing vs Advertising
  • Analytics & Reporting
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