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Our Roots

Current Commerce was built on the idea that we wanted to be extremely good at one thing. Admittedly it took us almost a year to figure out what that one thing was, but when we found it we knew it instantly. In a digital marketing industry with the pressure to be a jack of all trades, we wanted to stand out amongst a saturated market of freelancers and build a business around a platform and service that was a customizable yet repeatable solution for our customers. We knew the only way to accomplish this was to have laser focus on a core customer, and a commitment to understanding who this customer was and how to provide as much value to them as possible.

With deep roots and experience in small business technology and digital marketing we launched as a marketing agency. However from the start we made it a point that “agency work” was merely a launching pad that would help us find our core customer and build a platform and repeatable solution around them. Our early customers ranged in industries selling everything from software, fencing, mens apparel, systems consulting, fabric, to home decor.

One thing we noticed was companies that sold physical products had very unique, challenging needs, and that the web was disrupting this industry more than any other. Whether they sold directly through their site or not, we felt product companies had a unique opportunity to truly improve their sales by utilizing the web. The nature of product sales vs services is straight forward pricing, short sales cycles, less consultative phone sales, and a real opportunity to pitch the product through the website. We saw that a product company’s web presence and their use of imagery, video, copy, and design across digital channels could have a significant impact in their business as a whole. This coupled with the fact that traditional sales and marketing channels were shifting towards the web presented great opportunities with exciting challenges for product companies. Shipping integrations, tax calculations, restricted wholesaler pricing, digital catalog design, product imagery optimization, marketplace syndication, advertising automation….all challenges we were very excited to help these customers overcome.

We had found our core customer, and with that we found our core competency to hang our hat on. It was clear we wanted to help product companies make the transition to sales and marketing online and be the best ones out there doing it. With several wholesalers and retailers already as core clients, we knew the industry had already taken notice of the need to make a commitment to the web to stay competitive. But faced with tackling the foreign and rapidly changing digital marketplace they knew they needed a partner to help them navigate the effort.

Our Solution

So we began to focus, and zero in on the needs of this customer with our existing clients. With that came the development of a sales and marketing platform customized for their needs. Building upon the leading Content Management System and eCommerce framework we launched a sales and marketing platform for wholesalers and retailers. Fully supported 24×7 and backed by an on demand web design team, we made “the website and ecommerce stuff” worry free for our platform customers.

With an ecommerce and website solution in place to help with sales, the next step was the marketing. As any good agency would, we started by doing the work for them, charging retainer fees and reporting on results. It didn’t take long to realize that although it was probably the quickest way to get results, it was not the best. While we were helping their brand transition online, we weren’t really helping their business do the same. Sure we consulted our clients through the strategies and explained the analytics reports, but we felt the better solution would be to take a different approach. Because marketing is an ongoing effort that is so intimate to the businesses identity and custom work in nature, we felt small businesses would be better served by “learning to fish” rather than completely outsourcing this activity. In search of the best possible solution for our clients, we developed our digital marketing workshops to help them invest in themselves and position their business to be competitive in the long term.

Our Philosophy

In a rapidly evolving digital marketplace we have dedicated our days to helping companies keep current with the technology and market demands of the web. With change comes opportunity, and we believe you must adapt with change to seize the opportunity. Our passion is to help businesses grow with the web to realize their opportunity and share their products with the world.