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Name: Casual Image

Type: Retail Showroom and Website

Website: casualimage.com

Overview: Casual Image is an outdoor lifestyle store that specializes in high quality furniture, home decor, accessories and design services. Casual Image came to Current Commerce because the owner was ready to “take their business to the next level” online.  They had an outdated website, a separate eCommerce website, and a independent blog.  Current Commerce was able to give them what they needed and more. We did this by consolidating all three of their websites into one, cohesive branded experience that was equipped with new galleries, products and service offerings. With the website complete, Current Commerce is currently building their product marketing strategy and are setting up their inventory to sync directly with online shopping channels on Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing.

Name: Calvaceous LLC

Type: Retail and Wholesale Website

Website: calvaceous.com

Overview: Calvaceous is a new line of enhanced legwear that focuses on women (and men) who are seeking an enhanced form to their leg mainly for the proper fitting of boots. Calvaceous came to Current Commerce needing an eCommerce website that could promote the brand and sell their products online. With only a logo and a video on hand, Current Commerce completed an online store setup equipped with a retail and wholesale portal, custom line-sheets, a toll-free number, and professional emails. With the Current Commerce website management monthly package Calvaceous doesn’t have to worry about technical details while they work with Current Commerce to execute a digital marketing campaign launch.

Name: Jeremiah Clothing Co.

Type: Retail Website

Website: jeremiahclothing.com

Overview: Jeremiah is a clothing brand that has Americana and outdoor roots in its style. Jeremiah’s marketing director came to Current Commerce to consolidate their branded website and their eCommerce website. With a long list of design changes and social media integration, Current Commerce was able to help them hit their deadlines for holiday promotional campaigns.  With the success Jeremiah and Current Commerce have had already, they are seeking to launch another brand together in early 2015.

Name: Bobbie Sanghvi

Type: Restricted Wholesale Website

Website: bobbiesanghvi.com

Overview: Bobbie Sanghvi manufacturers luxury hand blocked fabrics directly from India and sells them directly to Interior Designers out of ADAC in Atlanta. They came to Current Commerce to build both their brand online as well as a website that supports their “to the trade” only sales process. Launching the new site on the Current Commerce platform allowed their Interior Designers to browse pricing and order samples while hiding the industry information from the general public. Shortly after the launch of the new site, Current Commerce built and executed a strategy to gain brand awareness by targeting Interior Designers in the Atlanta area with advanced targeting and digital advertising strategies.

Name: Window Things & More

Type: Retail Website

Website: windowthingsandmore.com

Overview: Window Things & More came to Current Commerce to build their retail brand from the ground up. Selling their products directly to wholesale for 30+ years, Window Things recognized the shift in the industry and realized they needed a retail strategy to complement their existing business. Current Commerce built and executed a 4 month plan to help Window Things in branding, logo & web design, social media & search engine advertising strategies to launch a brand ready to generate sales immediately. With a logo, website, name, and brand built in 4 months, Windows was able to generate start generating significant revenue in it’s first two months of business exclusively from web traffic driven to their eCommerce site online.

Name: Jennifer Chanler & Co.

Type: Retail  Website

Website: jenniferchanler.com

Overview: Jennifer Chanler & Co. is an online collection of hand-selected merchandise with a social and civil focus. JCC has been working with the Current Commerce for many years in not only launching but growing her brand online. With Current Commerce providing technical support and digital marketing consulting, JCC is able to focus on discovering new merchandise while Current Commerce helps manage activities for her eCommerce website, social media, and other digital marketing efforts.

Name: Capitol Wholesale

Type: Wholesale Website

Website: capitolwholesale.com

Overview: Capitol Wholesale manufacturers and distributes hundreds of different combinations of fencing. Capitol came to Current Commerce because of their expertise with their existing Inventory Management & B2B Order Portal System. With a need to consolidate web assets, improve the aesthetics of the customer facing website, and retain tight integration with their inventory management & B2B portal system, Current Commerce consolidated their brands under their one platform and tied back all the digital assets to their existing legacy systems. Capitol was able to streamline their operations, improve their web presence, and take a long recurring headache of web management off their plate with the website management monthly package.