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Improving Customer Experiences

While driving sales & streamlining operations


“We found product companies face unique challenges in the online market and we have dedicated our team in focusing on these core problems”

-Michael Crowley | Director of eCommerce

#1 Your website is costing you money

Every day your customer’s expectations online are increasing as technology evolves. Out of date technology and obsolete design can cost you money in lost sales and unnecessary overhead. A slow site, bad mobile experience, lengthy checkout process, or confusing navigation can hurt sales both online and in-store.  If you are curious how your site performs request a free analysis.

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#2 Managing Multi Channel Advertising & Inventory is Tough

Selling across multiple marketplaces, connecting your POS and accounting, automating your advertising feeds, and integrating email marketing campaigns can be a daunting task. Current Commerce helps architect, implement, and manage a cloud based software foundation to help you better manage your business and streamline your operations.

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#3 You have a tough time proving ROI

If your business runs online marketing campaigns you know how important tracking key metrics can be to determine successful campaigns. However the reality is many marketers have difficulty gathering analtyics they can trust and are detailed enough to gain actionable insights from. Current Commerce prides ourselves in being able to not only build intuitive reports with valuable and accurate metrics, but to also provide insights from your campaigns on how to improve the bottom line through data driven decisions.

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“Time to partner with a dedicated team of eCommerce experts… with the expertise you need to help your business grow”

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