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A first look for our blog and social media followers.

Video is such a great way to communicate with your customers, and web & mobile technology has allowed businesses to do so more and more everyday. We have preached this internally for quite some time but as most days  go by, the videos get put on the back burner. We had put together a quick promo video in the past but our business has evolved and our messaging has as well, so we wanted to create a new one. As we sat down to put together the most cliche “tech company” pitch video known to man we scrapped it about a quarter  of  the  way through. Why we took a different route really came down to the fact that we are pitched technology services on a daily basis, and we know our target customers of online retailers, brick and mortars, and marketing agencies are as well. So we know how much all the software, support, and service companies can blend together. With our latest video we are hoping to stand out from all the noise and give our target customers a break  from another “integrated…synergistic…efficiency” pitch. Plus… who won’t stop to watch an old timey pioneer man get mauled by a bear on Youtube!

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