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We realize at Current Commerce there are a dizzying amount of choices out there when it comes to designing, managing, and growing your eCommerce store. Software has become easier and easier to build each year and keeping up with the technology has become tougher than ever. At Current Commerce we have built a business around the idea that having a foundational web platform backed by an industry focused partner is a critical strategy in keeping ahead of the digital curve. With an eCommerce platform built for modern day digital marketing backed by a product focused marketing team, we believe the Current Commerce platform can play a vital role in many retail and wholesale digital sales and marketing strategies.

Quick Intro to our Platform

The Current Commerce platform was built specifically for retailers and wholesalers who are committed to improving the online sales and marketing side of their business. It is built on the #1 content management and marketing platform, WordPress, backed by the leading Woocommerce framework. It has been custom coded by the Current Commerce team to include the robust functionality and tool set our clients have repeatedly requested from their eCommerce software. Our software is hosted, secured, and fully supported; with continuous feature and functionality updates to meet market demand. Backed by a team committed to helping product companies adapt to the new age of digital marketing and sales, our platform seeks to keep your business not only current but ahead.

In the following sections we hope to show why our customers have chosen our platform and Current Commerce as their strategic partner.

Current Commerce VS. Other Hosted Shopping Carts

Restrictions: Online retailers and even wholesalers have been extremely lucky in the last few years to have dozens of hosted shopping cart platforms enter the market. With the choice of hosted vs non-hosted most companies are usually wise to leave the server management to those that specialize in it. However the major downfalls can be restrictions to your data, difficult migration options, and limitations on customizations, storage, and bandwidth. As your company grows you may find it a difficult, yet necessary task, to switch platforms.

Current Commerce is built on the open source WordPress framework than can be easily migrated to inhouse or other third party servers at any time. It is in our service oriented business model to keep you happy with the support and expertise we provide everyday rather than locking you in because of technical restrictions.

The 3rd Party Problem: One of the biggest issues our customers (and ourselves have) had in this fragmented market is that most ecommerce shopping carts are purely product companies. They rely solely on 3rd party partners to build, integrate, and customize on their platform. No matter how reputable the platform may be, it still leaves the uncertainty of finding the developer, the systems integrator, or designer that you needed to make the website work for your company and even more so that you could rely on in the long term. These third party vendors often are platform agnostic and likely do not specialize in the one single platform your business may choose.

Every single Current Commerce platform customer is given a dedicated Account Manager to be the sole point of contact for their online business. They are obviously experts on the Current Commerce platform, but are also dedicated to your account and well versed in digital marketing strategies that are applicable to your company. Your Account Manager works on your behalf with our developers, integrators, and design team to ensure your online operations can grow to meet the needs of your business as it evolves and grows. Current Commerce believes this is our most valuable asset to our customers, and takes pride in emphasising the “custom” in customer service.

Hidden Costs: Taking a quick look at many of the ecommerce software monthly pricing plans, you might be surprised at how cheap they appear. Be sure to fully evaluate the needs of your company and determine what the monthly cost might be after you have integrated the necessary functionality. Take a quick look at some of the plugins and extensions provided in the software company’s marketplace, and you will quickly see the functionality that is not native in the platform and will need to be custom integrated by a third party, often for an additional monthly cost.

Current Commerce does not follow the “app store” profit sharing model like many other ecommerce companies. This is because of our belief that a pieced together solution by third party vendors is often a management headache that can lead to conflicting software code and support inefficiencies with little vendor accountability and delayed support resolutions.

Current Commerce Vs Other WordPress Shops

Our Platform & eCommerce Focus: Built on the WordPress code base our platform is very powerful and easily integrated. However because the Current Commerce platform build was driven by the feedback of our retail and wholesale customers, it is extremely feature rich and custom tailored to be a fully integrated and supported solution. WordPress shops without this focus will need to go through a learning curve that is only hurdled by gaining a strong understanding of customer requirements, industry use cases, and familiarity with the code and tools used to support these. This is why we have focused on a specific type of customer and built a platform around this customer’s requirements. Doing so has allowed us to lessen and even remove the learning curve web developers must go through when providing a custom tailored solution.

The Disappearing Web Guy: WordPress powers over 20% of the internet, so you can imagine, there are a lot of existing WordPress sites outs there. However one of the main reasons even existing WordPress customers reach out to us is to find a reliable partner that can help both consult and execute their web operations on an ongoing basis. The nature of the industry also lends to many companies hiring freelancers that are mostly focused on one time fixed design engagements rather than monthly management and support. Our model is not to take huge margins on up front setup and design, but rather to provide vital sales, marketing, and operational monthly services as an integral partner to your digital strategy.

Current Commerce VS (and) Your In-house Team

We Love to Work with In-house Teams: Nothing makes our job easier than working with someone that fully understands their business but also understands the software. For the inhouse team, we have done the work in building out a platform that we are able to fully support from end to end. We have also put in the time to build out many of the custom needs product based companies have, so teams don’t have to reinvent the wheel each project. In-house teams are able to work on top of the Current Commerce platform to make their job easier while also having the backing of our team as a technical, design, and support partner.


With a rapidly changing digital marketplace, it takes more than a piece of software to get ahead. We believe choosing the right foundational software is a good start but a having strategic partner to support your software needs is the key to building a competitive digital strategy. Although we are very proud of the features and functionality our software provides our customers, we know our dedicated team is the reason our customers invest in our partnership to help them sell more and manage less each and every month.

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