April Fool’s Day is the day where brands both large and small unleash their best marketing pranks on their consumers, so we’ve rounded up our top five so far. These top five just edged out the competition so we thought we’d try to give you a laugh as you fend off real-life April Fools pranks in the office:

Facebook’s very own Miss Takes, built for you when you’ve had too many and really (like really) shouldn’t post that status or those pics. As stated in an article by Wordstream.com, “she is your designated driver when navigating social media while drunk” by using your location settings to signal when you need help. She will prompt you by asking the question “It looks like you’re at a bar. Would you like help?” and then trigger multiple choice questions like “I’m not drunk, I’ll prove it” or a truth or dare challenge.


Our favorite dare is to find a cop and ask for a breathalyzer test & if you actually complete the dare, she will lock you out of Facebook because you are officially “too drunk to Facebook”. End of story, good one Facebook, but don’t ever make something like this.


Next up are the new “Single Fries” by Burger King France, the first fries ever to be sold individually and made to order. Having been hand wrapped and treated with love, these single serve fries’ biggest benefit for consumers is tat now, your friends and family can never ask you for a fry ever again. Genius. Too bad it’s only for April Fool’s.


Quilted Northern played into the ever-popular artisanal trend by announcing their new line of toilet paper called Rustic Weave. The toilet paper is handmade from thinly sanded down planks of wood and aims to give consumers a more memorable experience in the bathroom. If the paper was an actual product, I might just give the rolls out as birthday gag gifts…oh well.


Next up in the April Fools lineup is Grubhub. Earlier this morning they released Gr├╝ber, their┬ámove into the ride share market with the super catchy tagline “First we delivered food. Now we’re delivering people”. In order to request a ride, users must log into the Grubhub app and request a ride – easy! As a group of foodies, the team over here at Current Commerce would love to catch both a ride and a whiff of delicious food.



Finally, since we are a pet-friendly office (shoutout to our chief security officers Pirate and Henry), one of our favorites is Gusto, the human resources software startup, adding payroll and benefits for both part-and-full-time office dogs. Your favorite office dogs will now be able to get workers’ comp, dental plans, and online accounts with 401ks and daycare being added to the mix later on in the year. Hopefully this eventually does become a real thing in the workplace so that all offices become dog friendly.



These companies prove that April Fools Day isn’t only for children, but for unsuspecting (and a bit too gullible) adults as well. Maybe next year your prank will make it into our annual roundup so start planning!

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Jordan Harrison is the digital and social media marketing manager at Current Commerce. She seeks to help clients find the best and most efficient ways to market their businesses while also having the best time doing it.