Email marketing is the new standard of marketing communication between eCommerce retailers and their customers given the numerous benefits associated with this tactic. But how does your email campaign stand out among the 205 billion emails sent and received everyday by modern consumers?

Marketing via email isn’t going anywhere as you can see by the efforts of both huge – Forever21 – and small – Herbivore Botanicals – eCommerce retailers. Email lists are vital and cannot be taken away from you by anyone, therefore you have to sell it like the other pieces of your business!

So as you begin to grow your eCommerce business and are deciding on which marketing techniques to implement – email should be within the top three on your list. Your email campaigns are what can drive customers to actually purchasing and then keep them coming back.

Your campaigns should provide an incentive for your list subscribers to become a returning customer via coupons, product launches, interactive content, etc. According to a recent report by the Direct Marketing Association, 72% of people would rather receive promotional material through email marketing over social media anyways.

Now, with that said, the ability to segment customers in your list opens up a wide range of possibilities for how you can reach these customers. There are the abandoned cart reminders that prompt customers to complete the checkout process to special occasion blasts for holidays. Endless opportunities to build a relationship with your customers!

But with the endless opportunities to connect, there is a certain limit to how many emails you can send before you become spammy. So make sure to space out the emails, brand them effectively, get consent for you to send emails to consumers (opt-in page), and provide an opt-out for customers. By creating and using an effective strategy, any brand can reap the immense benefits of email marketing for sure. 

With all of this newfound knowledge, it is now time for you to start getting those lists together! Check back for our guide on how to choose the right email marketing platform for you.


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About the Author:

Jordan Harrison is the digital and social media marketing manager at Current Commerce. She seeks to help clients find the best and most efficient ways to market their businesses while also having the best time doing it.