Our (made-up but totally relevant) example of an eCommerce site optimizing their SEO using these steps is Socks and Bows Haberdashery Co:

The page title and why you need one:
Each page should be unique given that is the absolute first thing every consumer sees when they visit your site. The title should focus on two words with a maximum of seventy characters. A great example of this would be a haberdashery who focuses on bow ties and socks, so their page name should be Socks and Bows Haberdashery.

A meta description? What is that?
The meta description is the sentence that describes your site to consumers on search engines, so it is vital to make sure it includes at least two keywords and is a maximum of 160 characters in length. A great example of this for bow ties is “Find the perfect bow tie for your new suit near you. Search ratings and reviews for bow ties.”

Your keywords (or meta tags) and what should they be?
For every site, there is a set of keywords/meta tags assigned to every page, so these words (maximum of 5 with no spaces) have to also be included in your website copy. For a bow ties and socks specialist, ideal keywords would include: bow ties, socks haberdashery,  bow ties and socks.

H1 Tags: Why and how they should be used in SEO
The largest HTML heading on a site page is the H1 tag, which is the primary keyword used only once on the page. On the About Us page of the bow ties and socks site, it would be coded as <h1>about us</h1>.

Alt Text and why it is important for your SEO:
When an image cannot be displayed on a page, the alt text will appear in it’s place, so it is important to match a primary keyword to the destination on every image. For example for Socks and Bows Haberdashery, the company logo should be linked to “socks and bow ties”.

Title Text and why is it so important?
Placed on all text links, the title text describes the link’s main content. A primary keyword must be matched to links for a proper destination.

For more tips on how to improve your company’s SEO strategy, feel free to check out the rest of the SEO 101 Series, coming soon! 

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