For eCommerce marketers, this past week has certainly been a busy one. From the Shopify Unite Conference to the new Apple announcements and everything in between, this round-up will cover it all.

First, at the Shopify Unite conference, so many exciting new products were introduced to the public starting with Sales Channel SDK which will allow users to get to the heart of merchant’s businesses. Then there was the announcement that the platform will be releasing a new online store editor in the later half of the year. The editor will allow developers to build more innovative, customizable, and merchant-friendly themes. These two announcements were the most exciting to us because it gives us something to look forward to when thinking of how we can better improve the sites we work with moving forward.ShopifyUniteEcommerceNews


Next there was the impromptu announcements of the new iPhone SE and iPad Pro from Apple midweek that threw the tech world into a tizzy of excitement. The new iPhone SE, with specs that are familiar to iPhone 6S users and the size of an iPhone 5, is the ultimate throwback for users looking to upgrade without sacrificing crucial space in their pockets. It also has Apple Pay and Touch ID built in this time around so eCommerce marketers with Stripe capability on your stores, look forward to an influx of new consumers. And the new iPad Pro that comes with a stylus is just exciting because it will have the functionality of a laptop and the mobility of a tablet – well done Apple, well done.



Then there was the introduction by Facebook of their new daily video metrics for publishers feature. With this new feature, page owners can now have a better understanding of when consumers are watching videos and how much time they spend watching videos. Then merchants can improve their strategies and better optimize the consumer viewing experience. So eCommerce marketers, get ready to learn more about your consumers and the content they want to see.



Lastly, there was the announcement, again by Facebook, that they will start integrating advertisements into their Messenger app. What does this mean for eCommerce marketers? It means that you will be able to send order updates and receipts to customers, notify them when products come back into stock, and alert them of big sales popping up – all in a mobile and user friendly format. So this is another exciting product update from Facebook in one week. Just remember to exercise restraint so you don’t come off as spammy.


Welp, that is all we have this week for our eCommerce news roundup! Check back next Friday for more updates.


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